Our IT asset recovery helps you convert unused IT property and assets into cash.

We find worldwide buyers for your surplus, depreciated or discarded hardware, including end-of-lease systems, and return them to the economic cycle.

To address your security requirements, the storage devices installed in the buy-back hardware are erased. On request we can provide you with a deletion log for each erased disk, certified according to deletion standard SI 2011-VS.

Our asset recovery specialists help your company create individually customized, environmentally friendly reclaim programmes for your IT landscape. To maximise your business results and also reduce the size of your environmental footprint.

Achieve the highest buyback values:

EDICO Equipment will ensure you obtain maximum buy-back values for surplus, discarded or obsolete parts, components or entire systems.

Major institutions and companies in the public and private sectors are already benefiting from this, as are manufacturers, data centres, dealers, distributors, retailers and service providers, as well as leasing companies.

We offer three buyback programs that take different business requirements into account. We are happy to assist you in the proper choice of the right program.

Key parameters are:

  • immediate buyback price
  • Time to market
  • Ownership stake

1. FastTradeIn (FTI): With FastTradeIn, you identify with your account manager the assets to be liquidated. The exact condition, specifications, and other information are collected in order to determine a fair redemption price. After uninstallation, the goods are taken to our warehouses. Following receipt and examination of the goods, an instant credit or payment is issued. This is a typical purchase.

Your benefits:

  • Immediate liquidity effect for your company
  • Immediate release of your storage capacity

2. OpTradeIn (OTI): In the OpTradeIn program, requirements such as maximum redemption value and an immediate, positive liquidity effect are combined with the need for immediate relief of your storage capacity as part of an optimal TradeIn program.

Benefit from all the advantages offered by the FastTradeIn program. However, the immediate repurchase price paid is lower. But we commit ourselves to a further payment to you within 90 days after successful sale of the goods. This means that the effective purchase price is higher than in 1.

Your benefits:

  • Immediate liquidity effect for your company
  • Immediate release of your storage capacity
  • Higher ROI

3. Mediation sale: We can achieve the maximum selling price for your IT inventory not by buying it but by acting as your  IT broker.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum ROI
  • Sold only if your desired price is obtained