Your printer is capable of using automated data acquisition to automatically trigger cartridge orders. Based on pre-negotiated special terms and before your printer comes to a standstill.

Automated ordering of supplies based on your actual and projected consumption; adapted to your specific needs. Reduce waste, save costs and reduce incorrect orders by having your cartridges delivered when you really need them. Just-in-time.

  • Reduce your cartridge inventory
  • You can display which wear parts and spare parts your printer might need or the ones that need to be replaced before it comes to a standstill
  • Enjoy the benefits of just-in-time delivery of consumables
  • Avoid replacing cartridges before they really are empty
  • Avoid downtime of critical pressure devices because the supplies or other spare parts or wearing parts were not ordered in time

Spare parts service

In addition to monitoring the toner usage of your devices, many other parts, that are crucial for your printer and also wear out, need to be monitored as well.
Knowing when to order a specific part can take up a huge amount of time. Our free data collection tools provide you with all the information you need. At the click of a mouse. And if you wish, these parts can also be ordered automatically.

Delivery of the correct replacement part or supplies at the right time

In addition to huge time and staff savings, our recording tool offers specific benefits, such as never again accidentally replacing a toner cartridge which is not really empty. This reduces the wastage of cartridges in your company.

Even before the cartridge is empty, a new cartridge is in place next to your printer. And if the cartridge no longer prints, simply replace it with the new one supplied.

This also enables you to reduce the capital costs of having an unnecessarily large stock of spare toners.

Experience has shown us that many users are tempted by the cheap price of consumables and, regardless of the age and of the technical condition of equipment, build up a large stock of these products. However, if  this equipment is scrapped, the supposed bargains turn into a money pit.

Just-in-time delivery of cartridges and continuous technical monitoring of your technical equipment mean this problem will soon be a thing of the past.