Our managed print services will help you to detect and minimise the power consumption of your equipment, and reduce your company’s CO2 footprint.

Our data collection tools mean we are able to illustrate and highlight the concrete savings potential in your print environment. For example, in replacement scenarios, where the cost of a new printer fleet is offset by the associated savings on consumables, energy efficiency and more efficient use of your printer.

Monitor your power consumption and check usage patterns in order to operate in an ecologically responsible and cost-effective way.

  • Find out more about power consumption and CO2 emissions from your printing equipment
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact of your devices

How much power does your printer waste?

Many companies have realized that ecology is now an important area of corporate responsibility and are trying to find ways of reducing company CO2 emissions.

Our experience indicates that printing equipment is often overlooked as a source of harmful emissions. Unused devices are sometimes left on standby mode for years and are not unplugged. This not only creates environmental problems, but is also a waste of money.
In the past, it was almost exclusively the print resolution and cost of consumables that were considered when selecting the right printer. Now, there is an increasing focus on power consumption as a cost item.

Our data acquisition tools will help you reduce power consumption. By making you aware of unused but operational devices, as well as the power consumption of your current equipment as compared to energy-efficient new models.