We can assist you in creating the ideal printer infrastructure for you and work with you to turn this into the best print strategy. Talk to us and maximise your equipment operating times.

We automatically evaluate and analyse all your attached devices - networked and non-networked. In just a few minutes.

Our tools allow us to map and analyse your equipment in detail. In order to be able to provide you with the ideal printing device, based on specific current and historical usage data, if you are planning new purchases.

  • Determine the right time to replace older devices with more recent models
  • Analyse your print behaviour to check where you should ideally install printers, copiers or multifunction devices

Whether mono, colour, duplex, A3 or A4 printers, our recommendations will be determined solely by your actual usage patterns.

  • Accurate, comprehensive overview of all kinds of printing environment
  • Multi-vendor, comprehensive database of all older and current printer models
  • Free, efficient reporting on your printing behaviour and optimisation options
  • Complete overview of your equipment and historical and current usage behaviour
  • Regular and/or on-demand reporting


How efficient is your equipment?

In view of daily changing requirements, it is not easy to obtain an accurate overview of the printing and copying needs of your company at any given time.
Should your printers be centralised and installed closer to the workplace of users? That could save important, inefficiently used time. Or should more items be printed on central copiers?

Assessing how to make the best use of your printer fleet, so that your company can save money and not impose an unnecessary burden on the environment, is a complex task.

Our managed print solution provides a valuable and comprehensive overview, so decisions can be made based on a solid foundation. Your customer advisor will be happy to advise you.


Stats & Figures

We will gladly provide you with  evaluations  of your print performance every month and develop the most cost-effective solution for you printer infrastructure.

If you wish, we will store information about your print performance on our servers for up to 12 months free of charge to help you obtain a clearer picture of the current situation in order to make optimisation recommendations.