We support you with the procurement of new, refurbished and used systems, components and IT products.

In view of the large number of partnerships with all the major manufacturers and a global network with several thousand dealers, system houses and service companies, we are in a position to procure millions of distribution items and also discontinued IT products.

Our expertise lies in not only being able to provide you with everything you need. But also to use our services to streamline your ordering and procurement and help you achieve optimal business results.

Project applications

Planning a major IT purchase?

A 20-year-old market presence, experienced staff and our long-standing partnerships with major manufacturers enable us to also support medium to large IT projects by negotiating special conditions, even for longer periods of time and irrespective of manufacturer price increases.

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Especially in the PC and server environment, the standard or express seller systems from manufacturers are very cost-effective alternatives.

But often they do not meet the needs of the company IT, hence the need for special configurations.

Our experience of more than twenty years, our in-house IT specialists and established partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and other dealers enable us to configure, assemble and deliver each individual system in a timely manner.