Our data acquisition tools will enable you to control your costs and comply with budgetary constraints.

Our Data Collector enables us to capture up to 100 pieces of information per day about each of your printers. This includes toner level, the condition of the spare and wear parts, as well as the technical condition of your device.

Experience has shown us that many companies know nothing, or very little about what and how many printers are installed in their organisation, let alone have any information about who uses this printer and how.

Many companies draw up simple inventory lists, which are out-of-date even before they are complete. You can use our data acquisition tools to eliminate these huge time and personnel costs by automating capture, management, and ordering using our MPS tools. Free.

Your customer service representative can produce an initial evaluation in just 15 minutes. The fact that our tools are manufacturer-independent means we can retrieve up to 100 individual pieces of information about any print device. For several thousand models from hundreds of manufacturers. Information such as:

  • Installation date
  • Weight and size of the device
  • Printer language (PCL, Postscript, PDF, etc.)
  • Energy consumption etc.



Our Managed Print solution (MPS) is a cloud-based solution, which enables us to offer the free integration and management of all your printing equipment. Get access to historical 12 months data to your printing behaviour. Free and from anywhere in the world.

Who’s printing when, where and how?

We will help you optimise your printing behaviour; for example, when there is too much being printed on small printers and too little on more powerful printers. A simple redirection of the print jobs in these scenarios can represent huge savings for your business.


Individual invoicing concepts

We’ll be happy to work with you to put together an ideal pay-per-page concept. The counter in our data collection tools will record each page printed on the network. Whatever the model and the brand is. While, besides the counter readings, each printer transmits a variety of other information, which is stored and processed on our servers several times a day. Such as the number of printed black and colour pages.


Detects paper jams - even before you are aware of them...

But also additional information as to whether it is a print, scan or copy job, for example. Or the number of paper jams caused by a device in order to provide information about its technical condition and expected service life. Is the reporting performed manually in your existing pay-per-page contract? You will unleash enormous savings potential by reducing the risk of manual input errors and your employees will be able to deal with more important matters.