The growing complexity of the world of business has also made the IT landscape in companies more complex and heterogeneous.

Shorter life cycles as a consequence of shorter development times for innovation are reinforcing this trend.

All too often companies or their system administrators and buyers ignore the fact that the procurement risk is also increasing or that obtaining individual parts and components will become more and more difficult. This means the failure of a server hard drive with a specific firmware version can imply enormous costs if it is a business-critical server and the company has only a few trading partners, who rely exclusively on national IT distributors.

In contrast, we are part of an independent, global network of several thousand IT vendors and distributors.

And this means we can assure you that we will be able to deliver any system, any spare part and any component, either as new items or refurbished items, within a few days anywhere in the world. Thus we are the right partner for reducing procurement risks.