Real-time monitoring of the technical condition of the equipment and pro-active onsite service calls - even before things come to a standstill. Flexible and individually adjustable alerts and error notifications.

Our free reports on the technical condition of your devices and your printing behaviour, based on current and historical usage data, enable us to monitor the technical status of each of your devices in real time. With over 100 items of real-time data on the technical status of each device, as well as flexible and individually adjustable alerts and error notifications.

  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduce the number of unplanned maintenance operations
  • Schedule device-specific maintenance appointments depending on the device utilization
  • Monitor the costs of repairs and spare parts
  • Analyse error messages from devices on the basis of up to 12 months’ data.

Wouldn’t you know it - another paper jam

Should you call a technician or just ask colleagues? If it is not the first paper jam lately, is it time for maintenance? And if so, is that included in the device service? Is there an error code in the device display and what does it mean?

Many dealers and service companies agree to the proactive maintenance of equipment before it breaks down, causing a standstill. However, experience shows that the reality is different.

Proactive maintenance & cloud-based data storage

What does that involve? Remember that error messages from printers are either not communicated or are sent to the wrong people and entities. With our data collection tool, you can ensure the error messages reach the people who know how to deal with them. Us, your dealer.

A normal printer stores only a few current error messages and deletes older ones. Our tools will save all messages from the last 12 months, making it possible to obtain an accurate picture of the technical condition of the equipment. This creates rules that enable us, your dealer and service provider, to offer proactive maintenance. Before any costly failures and downtime.