Streamlining your ordering system is just one advantage that will result in cost savings at your company. In addition to these indirect savings, we also guarantee direct savings.


Indirect savings

With free monitoring of the technical condition of your equipment, as well as free monthly evaluations of your printing behaviour, your customer advisor will also assist you with designing your printing behaviour and printer infrastructure to be as optimal as possible. This saves time when ordering, avoids incorrect orders and reduces storage costs, as the required cartridge is provided to you just-in-time.

In contrast to similar concepts offered by the manufacturers themselves, our solution is a multi-vendor approach that covers all models of all brands and enables both compatible and original consumables to be used.

  • No capital commitment for storing consumables
  • Space savings with just-in-time delivery
  • Reduce the downtime of your printing devices
  • Your staff are freed up and have time for more important matters

Many dealers offer similar managed print services. The starting point is almost exclusively reducing the indirect costs described above. But in retrospect it often turns out that the reduction in transaction costs has gone hand in hand with increased direct costs for service, cartridges, and use of the software.

Direct savings

Our starting point for each new MPS connection is the prices you currently pay for your supplies. First, we’ll beat them. Then connect your printing devices.

  • The use of our MPS tools is completely free of charge for our customers
  • We provide free rental equipment for testing purposes
  • Europe-wide unique terms and conditions for original and compatible printer supplies
  • No fees, flat-rate charges or hidden costs. Only the consumables are billed

Flexible financing solutions for purchasing new equipment, recycling collection stations for empty cartridges and buy-back programs for excess stock of full cartridges complete the portfolio of services.